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Hall Let Bookings

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Scout Group Subscriptions Policy – see below

Scout Group subscriptions are due no later than the 21st of March for the calendar year (from January to December). If you have not paid by the 21st of March then your place will be offered to someone else on the waiting list.

Current subscription levels are : £90 (discounted to £80 if paid by the 15th of February) for all sections

For families who have more than one child at the Group a staggered payment option is available. Please contact the Group Treasurer for more details. Any members who have not paid by the end of March will be asked to leave the Group as there is a waiting list for all sections and the running costs of the Group have to be met

Part Years

Any member starting or leaving during the calendar year should pay a pro rata of the full annual subscription based on a three term year. So for example, if the full subscription is £90 for the year, the following fees apply:

  • Starter at beginning of Summer term 2/3rd due i.e. £60
  • Starter at beginning of Winter term 1/3rd due i.e. £30
  • Leaver at end of Spring term 1/3rd due i.e. £30
  • Leaver at end of Summer term 2/3rd due i.e. £60
  • Any member leaving part way through the year, having paid the full annual subscription can request a refund by contacting the Group Scout Treasurer.

Subscriptions are used to cover costs as follows:

  • Scout Headquarters charge (£39 per member per annum) includes insurance
  • Running costs of the hall
  • Maintenance and upgrading of the hall
  • Purchase of badges, equipment & section expenses
  • Camps, trips, events & training


Subscription cheques should be made payable to ‘108 Pentland Scout Group’ and returned to the Group Treasurer. Member’s name and section (ie Beaver/Cub/Scout) should be written on the back of the cheque. Please pay when asked – it saves our hard-working treasurer having to send reminders.

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