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Friday Nights

Remember to check the website each Friday, especially when your Group are not in the hall what the programme will be. This link will be updated usually on the preceeding Sunday. We will not send emails to remind you so you need to remember to check.

Yellow Card Positive Behaviour System

  1. For minor infringements, the leader observing it will have a quiet word with the Scout concerned. The duty leader will note it to enable several minor infringements to be combined into perhaps a more formal warning. If there is no repetition on that night then the slate is wiped clean again. Not every minor infringement is a yellow one. Sometimes a word in the ear is enough. It is clear that the more serious category would include bullying or behaviour likely to be damaging to a Scout or property.
  2. For a more serious infringement or for several repetitions of minor infringements, then either the leader concerned or the duty leader will speak to the scout with another leader. That incident would be recorded as a formal warning. Effectively that would be a yellow card and they would be carried forward for perhaps three weeks depending on their severity. Scout will be told that any repetition would result in their parent being informed.
  3. If there is a second yellow card (prior to the slate having been wiped clean) then the parent will be informed.
  4. A third yellow card would be a red card and this would usually result in suspension for a period. The length of suspension would be for agreement amongst the leaders ideally to be discussed after the second yellow card and perhaps the Scout informed at the time.
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